• Every 3rd car in India is powered by Amaron batteries!
  • We were the first to introduce Zero-Maintenance batteries for automotive applications in India.
  • We were the first to offer a 60-month warranty on batteries in India.
  • We were the first to introduce non-white battery casing; after all our batteries do not require topping up!
  • Every 3rd car in Singapore is powered by Amaron batteries.
We pioneered VRLA batteries for motorcycles in India.
VRLA Batteries
  • We are the single largest source of batteries for the entire fleet of Comfort Delgro taxis; a leading taxi service provider in Singapore.
  • Amara Raja Energy & Mobility Limited. was the first to introduce VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries) technology in India for industrial stand by application.
  • We followed an FMCG-type distribution model by creating Amaron PitStop; providing end-consumer a unique buying experience; a far-cry from the dark and dingy battery buying outlets.
  • Amaron PitStop was ranked among the Top 100 Franchise opportunities in India.
  • We are the exclusive battery supplier to all Ford cars in India.
  • The A-Star runs exclusively on Amaron batteries in Germany!
We have one of the widest networks in the battery industry in India; 500+ franchisees, 2,000+ extensive service hubs and 40,000+ strong retail network to serve you faster, quick and better!
Battery industry
  • We were featured in Forbes' 'Best under a US$ billion' Asia list.
  • Our ground-breaking campaign "water" made it into the highly acclaimed marketing gospel of Phillip Kotler.
  • We were placed 22nd amongst the best employers in India.
  • We won the 1st prize under the discrete manufacturing category at the CII-4th National conference and competitions on Six Sigma.
  • We were the first to create a battery for India’s first micro hybrid vehicle – the Mahindra Scorpio Hybrid.
Our ground-breaking "Claymation" TV ad won us the ad industry’s top honours - the ABBY’s!