How to dispose of a used battery?

Automotive batteries need to be disposed of with care as there is a risk of environmental and health hazards. According to government regulation, consumers, traders, and manufacturers are responsible for the collection and safe disposal of scrap batteries against the purchase and sales of every battery. AMARON can help you dispose of the battery safely and conveniently. Just call AMCARE at 1800-425-4848, and we will arrange to have the battery picked up and disposed of.

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Amara Raja Energy & Mobility Limited participates in BMHR – (Battery Handling Management Rules) Project, initiated by the Government of India. AREML has been recycling Lead by collecting scrap batteries and offering replacements for the same to customers. For this purpose, we have set up used battery collection centres throughout India. The used batteries are carefully transported to designated smelting plants for the safe lead-recycle process, with no danger of air/water pollution. AREML is strongly committed to a safe and pollution-free environment.