Buy Amaron Inverters and Batteries Online

Power cuts and erratic voltage fluctuations are not just inconveniences – they can threaten your valuable appliances. At Amaron, we understand the importance of a steady power supply and the need to safeguard your electronics. That's why we present a lineup of inverters and batteries designed to tackle these challenges head-on.

Why Choose an Inverter Battery from Amaron

  • Compatibility with All Electronic Loads

    Enjoy the advantage of a Pure Sine Wave output, perfectly tailored to suit your electrical and electronic devices. An Amaron inverter battery ensures that your appliances receive the clean and stable power they need to function optimally.

  • Extended Backup Time

    Amaron's smart transformer design makes it the best inverter battery money can buy. Our innovation optimizes energy usage, ensuring you have ample power reserves to keep your essentials running during extended outages.

  • Conserve Power with i-DSP

    Reduce your power consumption with Amaron inverter battery through i-DSP (Intelligent Digital Signal Processing). This technology actively manages the battery charge levels, maximizing power efficiency while charging your batteries optimally.

  • Zero Maintenance, Maximum Peace:

    Elevate your driving experience as our maintenance-free car batteries eliminate regular upkeep woes.

  • Transparent Pricing

    With Amaron, what you see is what you get. Check out the Amaron Inverter battery price list; our transparency ensures no hidden surprises.

  • Buy Inverter/Battery Online

    Explore all types of inverter batteries online with Amaron. With our pan-India delivery promise, order from a range of Amaron UPS and batteries, choosing the combination that fits your needs best.

How to Find the Perfect Inverter Battery for You?

Choosing an inverter battery combo has never been easier. Use the Amaron inverter battery price list to select the inverter and battery models that fit your needs. Choose either a 150ah battery all the way up to a 200ah inverter battery.

  • Pan-India Support

    As India’s leading brand for inverters and batteries, Amaron supports you with a dedicated team of professionals, always on standby to guide, assist, and answer your queries. With service centers nationwide, you’re never too far from expert help.

  • Trust, Value, and Excellence with Amaron

    Join millions of satisfied homes who trust Amaron inverter batteries for unmatched performance and dependability. Dive into our extensive range of inverters and batteries today and find the perfect solution for your home.

  • Pure Sine Wave output is suitable for electrical and electronic loads.
  • More back-up time achieved with the smart design of the transformer.
  • i-DSP based automatic battery charge level management provides valuable power-saving with efficient battery charging.
  • Normal Charge Mode for places with fewer power cuts and Quick Charge Mode for places with frequent power cuts.
  • Battery deep discharge, overcharge, overload & short-circuit protection with user-friendly LED indications.


  • Whom shall I contact for my UPS installation & what will be the charges?

    You can contact our Amaron Authorized Dealer from whom you purchased the product. The dealer will depute a certified electrician for the electrical wiring and installation of the UPS. Electrical wiring will be charged based on the number of loads connected to UPS, and the material required for wiring will be charged at actual.

  • Can I ask the electrician to connect all the appliances that are available in my house?

    No. Please go through the ‘Application Chart’ or check the actual power consumption (VA) of loads and add the total power consumption of the loads which you would want to run on the UPS. Ensure that you are consuming power within the UPS rating (VA) for the optimal use of your UPS.

  • Can I switch ‘OFF’ the supply to the UPS while going on a vacation?

    No. Do not switch ‘OFF’ the input supply to the UPS. But you can switch ‘OFF’ the output supply by pressing the push button switch on the front panel of the UPS to avoid battery discharge during AC fluctuations.

  • What capacity of the battery should I buy for my UPS?

    Battery capacity selection depends on the backup time required for the average power of the appliances to be used when power is not available. Please contact your nearest Amaron Authorized Dealer or call us on our toll-free number at 1800 425 7171 with details of appliances and backup time requirements so that we can assist you in battery selection.

  • Can my UPS charger auto-stop when the battery is fully-charged?

    Yes. Once the battery gets fully charged, the charger stops to pump current to the battery, and the 'Charged' indication will display on the front panel of the UPS.

  • Can I connect different brand or ratings of batteries to UPS?

    No. We do not recommend you to mix two different ratings or makes of batteries due to the variance in internal resistance of the batteries, which can result in an imbalance in charging, which can cause battery failure.

  • Is the extended warranty available? What is support from the company post-warranty?

    The company provides AMC, which the customer can buy from an Amron Authorized Dealer or by calling our toll-free number at 1800 425 7171 by sending a DD. You will get an AMC coupon to avail free service for one year, after that it can be renewed upon request for renewal with the payment. Amaron also provides call-basis chargeable services without AMC as and when the customer puts in a request.