Follow these best practices to
avoid battery accidents

Please refer to your vehicle and battery owners’ manual to safely handle your lead-acid battery. Lead-acid batteries contain hydrogen-oxygen gases that can be explosive. Also, leakage of sulfuric acid can cause severe burns. Here are some precautions:

Battery SafetyWear safety glasses or goggles and a face shield
Battery SafetyMake sure the work area is well-ventilated
Battery SafetyKeep the battery out of children’s reach
Battery SafetyKeep vent caps tight and level
Battery SafetyIn the event of an accident, flush with water and call a physician immediately
Battery SafetyNever lean over the battery while boosting, testing or charging it
Battery SafetyKeep all ignition sources like cigarettes, flames, and sparks that could cause the battery to explode away from it
Battery SafetyDo not charge, use booster cables or adjust post connections without proper instructions and training
Battery SafetyAvoid metallic contact across the terminals as this can result in short circuit and sparking (remove comma)