Choosing the Right Inverter Battery for Your Home

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India is no stranger to power outages especially in the during summer when everyone is trying to escape the peak heat by using various appliances. Nothing feels quite as bad as the AC not working due to load-shedding or an unfortunate disturbance in power distribution. Even during other seasons, the rise in the number of people working from home has meant that having an uninterrupted power supply is a matter of livelihood. So, what can you do when your power goes and you need to work or cool off?

Battery inverters are a popular choice just for this reason. A reliable inverter becomes crucial for an uninterrupted electricity supply at home. Inverters are designed to store power in their batteries and draw power from them later, allowing essential appliances to function even during power cuts. Batteries and inverters are an investment, so when you’re getting one, you want to ensure that you are getting the best option.

Selecting the Perfect Inverter Battery

Batteries often range from around Rs 10,000 and upwards per battery pack so there are several factors to consider before making a purchase. The important factors to consider are battery capacity, battery type, its warranty, and how much maintenance the battery will require in the long run. This will allow you to choose a battery that can support your needs properly.

Power Requirements

You don’t want to have a situation where you have an inverter but you can’t run all the appliances you need. Or even worse – your backup power doesn’t last long enough. To avoid this situation, you should consider how much power you will need during power cuts. You can easily do this by tallying the total power consumption of critical appliances you want to have running during a power cut. Next, you should estimate how long a power cut generally lasts in your area. This will help you determine the battery capacity you need. Usually, a single battery pack comes in capacities starting from just over 2 hours of backup to all the way up to 6 hours of backup. For longer backup time or heavier draws, inverters use multiple battery units in tandem.

For example, the Amaron AR150TT54 is a 150Ah tubular battery that is perfect for homes with a small to medium power requirement with a backup duration of up to 270 minutes. If your home has a medium to large power requirement, the Amaron AR230TT54 is a suitable choice. The best inverter with battery for homeusually has enough power to provide backup power for longer time.

Battery Types

When you are in the market for inverter batteries, you will quickly find that there are multiple different types of inverter batteriesavailable. These include tubular batteries, flat plate batteries, and gel batteries among others.

In terms of what is going to be the best choice, tubular batteries offer superior performance to flat plate batteries. They have a longer life span and can withstand frequent power cuts. However, if you are budget conscious then flat plate batteries may suit your needs.

Other Features and Warranties

Some of the other features that you should consider when looking for a battery include proper heat venting mechanisms. Batteries generate heat – both when they are recharging and when they are supplying power to your electrical system. Other considerations include – how often a battery needs to be topped up with water, maintenance requirements, how big the footprint is going to be, and the track record of the manufacturer. Remember, Amaron batteries are designed with unique features, such as Robusta™ Spine grid for deep cycling applications, Satiated wet paste™ for consistent power and long life, and Cell Bridge Construction technology to avoid internal shorts.

A top inverter battery will have low maintenance requirements and will use proprietary technology to extend its lifespan. Finally, try to choose batteries that lasts longer so that you don’t have to replace them for a considerable time period. Another quick thing to note is to ensure that the batteries you purchase are compatible with your Home UPS(inverter). An Amaron battery, for example, is not only compatible with an Amaron Home UPS(inverterbut also with other leading manufacturers as well.


Choosing the rightinverter battery is essential for uninterrupted power supply during power outages. Consider your power requirements, opt for a reliable and durable tubular battery like those offered by Amaron, and avoid common mistakes to ensure a hassle-free experience. So, rely on Amaron for a hassle-free and best inverter battery solution.


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